Samurai X-tracta Pop! What a Rod

In the last few months I have been lucky enough to test out the new Samurai X-tracta Pop 100. At first glance I noticed the cosmetic detailing, wow! It’s one good-looking piece of gear. The second thing I noticed was when handling the rod, how light and comfortable it sat tucked under the arm. Lastly and most importantly for me was the quality of the guides and how well and strong they are bound to the blank. I say this for I have had issues with other popping rods I’ve owned, where ripping guides out whilst casting happened from time to time, which can certainly ruin your day.

I have given this rod a hiding, every chance the weather has given me of late, from solid GT’s to mackerel and sharks (sharks not by choice) and the rod hasn’t faulted once, not even close.

I have found the rods length at 7”6 to be a nice balance between casting ability and fish fighting ability. It really has a lot of strength and power from the tip right through to the butt. I have only been using poppers between the 90-130gm ranges but have found the sweet spot to be between 110-120gms. This is what has been working well for myself, that’s not to say it couldn’t handle heavier or lighter lures. I have found with that lure weight you can really load the rod up when casting to get maximum distance as well as having a nice action to the rod when working “chugging” style poppers.

This is only in my opinion as everyone has their preferences, but if you’re looking for a great value popping rod with strength and power to burn! You should seriously check this rod out at or your nearest leading tackle store!