New Samurai Cruiser Travel Rods

The new Samurai Cruiser Travel rods have now officially been released on the market and to say that I am impressed is a massive understatement. This rod adds to, and complements the 9 other existing models in the legendary Samurai stable. So, Samurai now literally have every fishing scenario and fish species covered which is great news for those of us that use Samurai rods exclusively.

The Cruiser is a 4 piece travel rod and comes in 4 weight classes ranging from the lightest 2-4lb stick for those flighty, elusive, sweetwater species like Jungle Perch through to the 10-20lb model ideal for northern estuary (barra and jacks) or lighter inshore scenarios. (mackerel and queenfish). Heck, there is no reason why you couldn’t use the 10-20lb stick for casting chromies at tuna or even snapper down south.

The 4 models are all spin and are 7 feet in length. When disassembled into pieces, each component is protected by a stylish Samurai Cruiser hard case for ultimate protection in your suit case or luggage.

Not only does it look amazing and come with Fuji K guides, but it’s working taper and curve is unwavering, so much so that you could be forgiven for thinking you were using a 1 piece rod. It’s solid as a rock!

A massive plus to anyone considering purchasing this rod and a reason why it is such good value for money is the fact it comes with a spare tip section. This is great news for those of us that like to trek through dense vegetation along river banks in search of elusive species and “hard to get to” locations. Essentially meaning that if you trip over and break your rod tip, all you have to do is put on the extra piece and you have a brand new rod again without having to purchase another. This is an awesome selling point for this particular rod.

I have recently received the 3-8lb model and 10-20 model, and love them. I have already caught jungle perch and sooty grunter on the 3-8lb stick. I wanted to put the 10-20lb model through some harsh punishment by using it for hefty impoundment barramundi and was stoked with how well it handled a 90+cm fish. Like I said earlier, it didn’t feel any different to my one piece spin rods.

Those people currently in the market for a travel rod should seriously consider these awesome pieces of engineering brilliance. The spare tip section is a good enough selling point on its own, however there certainly are many additional reasons why this rod will now rank as one of my absolute favourites in my arsenal.